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    Coordinating Committee on International SCA Standards

    The Coordinating Committee on International SCA Standards supports the harmonization of SCA based standards at the international level for the mutual benefits of all stakeholders to include:

    • Defining an industry driven SCA evolution roadmap for the international community
    • Profiling the SCA specification and related APIs to define internationally accepted variants that are hosted by the Forum
    • Developing extensions to the SCA standards that address any gaps between the defined SCA evolution roadmap and Forum accepted SCA specification variants
    • Providing implementation and certification guides, tools etc. easing implementation and supporting proliferation
    • Establishing and managing industry led certification programs where appropriate 
    Management and oversight of this committee is provided by a Steering Group working in collaboration with an Advisory Council.


    Chair: Eric Nicollet (Thales Communications)

    Chair: Ken Dingman (Harris)



    Committee Projects



    Steering Group

    Chair: Eric Nicollet (Thales Communications
    Chair: Ken Dingman (Harris)

    Voting Members:
    Claudio Armani, (SELEX ES)
    Yusuke Kanahashi (Hitachi Kokusai)
    Ruediger Leschhorn (Rohde and Schwarz)

    Lino Lagana (a4ESSOR)
    Jimmie Marks (Raytheon)
    Sarah Miller (Rockwell Collins)
    Alberto Quintana, (Indra Sistemas)

    The Steering Group will continue to work with the Advisory Council to collaborate under the "Model for Coordination of International SCA Standards". This model was developed for stakeholders (manufacturers, vendors, governments) of the international SCA-based ecosystem who seek increased harmonization among SCA-based international standards. The model provides a baseline for Coordination of International SCA Standards around the WInnF CC SCA and Advisory Council and that organizes the first meetings that comply with the defined model. Under this model, the group will develop a proposal for completing the "Preparatory Work for Elaboration of Coordinated International SCA Standards Roadmaps"   

    International Tactical Radio Special Interest Group

    Chair: David Renaudeau (Thales Communications).

    This group is preparing an update to the "Business Models for New Entrants in the SDR Tactical Radio Market" report, originally released in 2013. This updated report will review changes in existing programs, and add new programs that have emerged. The report will also provide additional examples and testamonials on business models, and include a market report on the different suppliers of waveform engineering, tools and testing solutions for this market segment. The report may also extend into other adjacent market segments, including airborne and ground to air capabilities, as well as tactical data links.

    Project Start: February 2014
    Expected Completion: November 2014

    SCA 4.1 AEPs Improvements Task Group

    Chair: Eric Nicollet (Thales Communications).

    This group is preparing updates to the SCA standard for adopters who seek internationally supported definitions of AEPs for GPPs and DSPs in a clearer specification. Unlike the existing SCA 4.0 AEPs appendices that are subject to a number of issues, this work product will present an improved content for SCA 4.1 usage, enabling broader support and minimizing divergences among comparable international SCA-based standards

    Project Start: January 2014
    Expected Completion: July 2014

    SCA 4.1 Backwards Compatibility Task Group

    Chair: Steve Bernier, (NordiaSoft)

    This group is identifying the exact technical issues where SCA 4.0 breaks backwards compatibility with SCA 2.2.2, defines potential solutions to address specific issues, and with then gather consensus on recommend changes to be adopted in SCA 4.1 implementing these solutions. The goal of this group is to minimize the impact on existing investment for those wishiching to migrate froim SCA 2.2.2 to SCA 4.x. 


    Project Start: December 2013
    Expected Completion: June 2014

    SCA 4.1 IDL Profiles Improvements Task Group

    Chair: Eric Nicollet (Thales Communications).

    This group is preparing updates to the SCA standard for adopters who seek internationally supported definitions of IDL Profiles specification of software interfaces of radio application components. Unlike the existing SCA 4.0 IDL profiles that are embedded into the CORBA profiles and face a number of minor reaining technical issues, this work product will present IDL profiles as self standing building blocks of the SCA 4.1 specification, with improved positioning, rationale and technical content.

    Project Start: January 2014
    Expected Completion: July 2014

    SCA Implementers Work Group

    Chair: Alberto Quintana, (Indra Sistemas)

    This group will continue work on a project entitled "State of the Art of Waveform Application Portability". This project is for Waveform developers, radio platform manufacturers and radio system integrators who need to reduce the cost, effort and time needed to perform the porting of waveforms among different processing architectures (i.e: DSP, FPGA, GPP). The "State of the art review of waveform application portability (2012)” will be a report that will identify the latest developments and trends in the field of waveform portability in SCA based standards and will provide a common understanding of the main challenges involved in application portability using SCA based architectures. Unlike other existing documents which are based on a specific architecture support and offer a limited view of the portability problem without taking into account the overall needs of the waveform development (i.e. architecture-centric approach), this report will provide a consolidated view of the waveform portability problem in SCA based architectures and will set the common ground needed to provide an updated set of recommendations for developing waveforms independently of the underlying architectural framework, resulting in an easily portable source code.

    Project Start: June 2012
    Expected Completion: August 2014



    SCA Test and Certification Work Group (SCA T&C)
    Acting Chair: James Ezick (Reservoir Labs)

    This group will continue work on a new document entitled "SCA Test Lab". This project is being undertaken for those interested in understanding the finer details of establishing an SCA Test Lab, including understanding it’s business market posture, it’s unique and finicky customers, and the test processes that are contained in a Test Lab specializing in testing SCA based SDRs in order to evaluate whether they should establish their own SCA test lab or contract their test requirements to a third party. The project will deliver a report that provides through thorough analysis detailed information for establishing an SCA Test Lab by:

    • Establishing verification and validation test procedures for testing SCA requirements
    • Establishing and understanding test protocols as it pertains to testing SDRs
    • Establishing and understanding requirements of a Test Lab
    • Addressing the business case as it pertains to the costs, funding, development, and plausible customers of the Test Lab

    Project Start: June 2012
    Expected Completion: June 2014

    Transceiver System Interface Work Group (TSI-WG)

    Chair: Eric Nicollet (Thales Communications).
    Vice Chair: David Hagood (Aeroflex)

    The TSI-TG will begin work a new project developing the  "Transceiver Next" specification. This project is being undertaken forthe international community of SDRproducts developer who are seeking an openly available, free to access and free to use internationally elaborated standard API for portable SDR Applications and multi-application Transceivers. The project will produce an updated release of WINNF Transceiver Facility originally published in 2009, and will improve the content based on years of implementation experience. The project will also expand the addressed applications to extend the applicability of the standard to include test and measurement, dynamic spectrum allocation, and sensing.

    Project Start: February 2015
    Expected Completion: September 2015

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