Software Defined Radio Design Challenge


    2013 Final Reports

    Contest Sponsorship, Location, and Date

    The Wireless Innovation Forum (previously the Software Defined Radio Forum) invites entries for the Software-Defined Radio Design Challenge, a student design contest. This contest is an activity of the Forum's Educational Special Interest Group and is hosted by Virginia Tech. The competition will take place on May 29-31, 2013 at the Wireless@Virginia Tech Symposium on Wireless Communications, Blacksburg, VA, USA. Proposals using a brief entry form are due February 8, 2013.

    Project Scope

    Undergraduate and graduate students or teams of students, advised by a faculty member, are eligible and may propose and solve any problem related to SDR/CR/DSA. Senior capstone or graduate thesis projects, class projects, sponsored projects, and independent projects are all eligible and may have already begun before the proposal due date. At minimum each entry should include an implementation of a software-defined radio (SDR) link or receiver that can be demonstrated using available signals or using an experimental frequency allocation. The specific application and implementation are to be determined by the entrants. While a significant amount of original work is expected, use of available SDR hardware and software is encouraged. Details of the spectrum allocation will be provided as they become available. Teams may use any frequency if a cable connection is used. If over-the-air operation is desired, teams should contact the organizers as soon as possible so that an application can be filed for a special temporary authorization to operate on the desired frequencies. Final reports will be posted on the Wireless Innovation Forumís web site.

    Note: Participants will be responsible for complying with applicable export regulations and for protection of proprietary materials.


    Projects will be evaluated by wireless communications industry professionals. Projects by teams composed entirely of undergraduate students will be evaluated using the same criteria as other projects but will compete in a separate category. The size of each team will be taken into account in the evaluation. Evaluation criteria include:

    • importance and timeliness of the problem addressed,
    • performance of solution (e.g., minimum detectable signal/minimum SNR of receiver, demonstrated throughput and spectral efficiency of digital link)
    • flexibility (e.g., multiband and/or multi-mode capability)
    • degree of automation/adaptive capability
    • ease of use/user interface
    • size, weight, and power
    • cost effectiveness

    Important Dates

    February 8, 2013 Entry form due February 22, 2013 Notification of acceptance April 26, 2013 Contest /Symposium Registration May 15, 2013 Final Report due * To include a description of problem addressed and proposed solution, results, and conclusions * Limited to 4,000 words maximum, plus figures * Teams will lose points for late or missing reports May 29-31, 2013 Demonstration and judging * Each team presents its project including demonstration or performance measurement

    Location and Registration

    The contest will be held during Wireless@Virginia Techís annual symposium and summer school in Blacksburg, VA, May 29-31, 2012. The symposium is an excellent opportunity for learning and networking. It features many presentations, demonstrations, and tutorials. In addition, the symposium has international participation and attendees work in the wireless communications industry, government, and academia. Team members will be required to register for the symposium. We are seeking sponsorship to provide registration fee waivers and travel funds on a competitive basis. If your organization is interested in supporting the contest, please contact us at the email address below. For lodging and registration information, please check the [symposiumís web page] (

    Contact Information

    Please send questions, notifications of intent to participate, and proposal submissions by email with subject beginning "SDR Contest:" to Dr. Carl Dietrich,

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